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X Pole Review: Expert Weighs In On Popular Stripper Pole (Yay or Nay?)

An In-Depth Look at the X-Pole: Is It the Dancing Pole You Need? 

Purchasing a dancing pole to use at home is not a bad idea at all. By doing so, you will be able to exercise when you want to, practice in private, and work out with all your friends.

But which dancing pole should you buy for your home?

There are numerous options for you to choose from and they can vary in terms of how they excel and how they fall short compared to their counterparts.

For this article, we will focus on the X-Pole, which is one of the most popular dancing poles available today. We will take a closer look at why this dancing pole has become so popular and highlight the strengths that can make it a wise purchase. Of course, we will also take the time to closely examine certain aspects of this dancing pole that may be lacking.

By the end, you should be able to determine if this is the right dancing pole for you.

Without further ado, let’s discuss everything you need to know about the X-Pole

stripper x pole review

7 Things You Need To Know About the X-Pole XPert NX Starter Package 

To get a better idea of what you’re getting if you decide to buy the X-Pole, let’s break this review down into several sub-sections. That way, we can better discuss the specific characteristics of this dancing pole.


Height Options

The height of the dancing pole will not necessarily have a huge impact on your workout experiences, but you need to keep it in mind because you obviously have a finite amount of space available either at home or at the studio. You can’t just get any size pole and expect it to fit perfectly within your preferred space.

For the X-Pole, the shortest available setting is 7’4” and that should enable it to fit inside even smaller homes. That puts it just barely half a foot taller than the average doorway.

This pole can also stand quite tall if you want it to allow you to perform more tricks. You can set it up in such a way that it will stand up to 9-feet tall. If that’s still not enough, you can make use of extensions to boost its height further.

With the extensions used, the pole can reach up to 11 feet in height, per the manufacturer.

The extensions are not available for free though, so expect to spend more if you want to feature this dancing pole inside your home or studio.


Features Unique to X-Pole’s XPert NX Dancing Pole 

If you’re looking for just one reason that explains why X-Pole’s creations have grown to be among the most popular items on the market, then it’s probably the fact that they produce bottom-loading poles.

The best thing about having a bottom-loading pole is that you don’t have to worry that much about your ceiling.

When setting up a permanent pole, you will first have to find a beam in your ceiling that can capably handle the amount of force that will be generated whenever the pole is used. You will also have to screw the mount into place, which is not necessarily a difficult process, but one that can still take up quite a bit of time.

Many folks prefer removable poles because they don’t require the usage of any screws. What happens with removable poles is that you extend them vertically so that they can exert pressure on both your floor and your ceiling. The idea behind them is that the pressure being exerted on both ends should be enough to effectively keep the dancing pole in place.

There are issues with those two types of dancing poles though.

For the permanent poles, you will obviously have to go through the at times troubling ordeal of having to use screws. You will also have to find a beam that can capably support the dancing pole. If you end up choosing the wrong beam, you could deal lasting damage to your ceiling.

Removable poles can also deal significant damage to your home. Because pressure is the main thing keeping them in place, they can end up leaving unsightly marks on your floor and/or ceiling if excessive amounts of force are applied. Plus, natural wear and tear can also cause damage to accumulate on those parts of your home.

All of that brings us back to X-Pole’s creations.

What makes these items so different is that they are bottom-loading poles.

They come with their own base included so the odds of your floors getting scratched up are minimized significantly. You will have to line up the dome that sits atop the pole with your ceiling, but that can be done easily.

It’s not just the installation process that becomes easier. With bottom-loading poles, you can apply adjustments easily as well. Whether it’s adjusting the height or switching from static to spinning modes, the changes can be made quickly.

X-Pole’s creations also utilize X-Joint technology. That may not sound like anything of great importance at first, but the presence of that technology can significantly improve the durability of the dancing pole.

The threads that are used to connect the pieces of this pole are reinforced with additional metal tubing to give them additional strength. Those tubing reinforcements effectively make the pole more stable. With reinforcements in place, you can also count on the pole holding up longer.

To sum things up, X-Pole’s bottom-loading creations are more convenient to use and to adjust. They also provide greater stability and durability while simultaneously not being as big of a threat to your home in terms of damage.


Ease of Installation 

Compared to what you may have to do to set up other dancing poles inside your home or studio, the installation process connected to X-Pole’s XPert NX Dancing Pole is relatively simple.

One of the things I love about this starter package is that all the tools you will need for installation are already provided to you. There’s no need to go to a nearby store to purchase any additional tools. Extensions may be required in some cases, but those can be purchased directly from the manufacturer as well.

You will still have to put the pole’s dome up against a concrete ceiling or directly against a beam, but it doesn’t exert as much pressure as a removable pole. The instructions for loosening or tightening certain segments of the pole are also printed on to the item itself.

For more specific instructions on how to properly install this dancing pole inside your home or studio, you can check out this video.


Pole Thickness 

How easy or how difficult a dancing pole is to work with can sometimes come down to its thickness. You will have some options to consider here.

The first choice is to go with a pole with a diameter of 38mm. That’s a little under 1.5 inches. This is very much a niche type of pole and you will struggle to grasp it properly with any part of your body other than your hands.

A size up from the 38mm pole is the item that measures 40mm in diameter. Once again, these poles cater to those dancers with smaller hands, but trying to maintain your grip on them using other parts of your body will prove challenging.

42mm poles are also available and unlike the first two options, these items can be held comfortably using different body parts. You may find the selection of 42mm poles to be quite limited however.

Next up are the 45mm poles, and according to Love Pole Kisses, these are the most popular options. It’s suitable for all kinds of holds and it is compatible with a wider variety of dancers. You should also look for this kind of dancing pole if you are practicing competition and want to get used to the equipment that will be featured.

48mm and 50mm poles are very similar and they are the ones you should purchase if you have moved past the beginner stage and you’re now looking to work on your thigh and armpit holds.

The largest option available is the 53mm pole. Poles that thick can be tough to grasp properly, so be sure that you’ve checked it out thoroughly before putting your money down.

The XPert NX Pole is a 45mm pole, which is a good thing. That means that more people should be able to use this pole. Beginners and aspiring tournament entrants can use this pole with no issue.


Coating Applied

Different coatings can be applied to dancing poles. Pay close attention to the type of coating used because it can significantly impact the quality of the pole.

If you want a dancing pole that is very easy to grip, you should look for a titanium gold, silicone, powder-coated or brass pole. Brass and powder-coated poles are stickier, which makes spinning on them harder. Silicone and titanium gold poles tend to be pricier.

Chrome and stainless steel poles don’t offer the same amount of grip as the aforementioned options, but they are more conducive to spinning. Chrome edges stainless steel out in terms of being able to offer a slightly better grip.

The XPert NX Pole is also a chrome pole, but from my experience of using it, I can say that it provides a firmer grip than most other chrome creations.


Extras Included 

The quality of the dancing pole itself is certainly what you should focus on primarily, but I do want to point out that some helpful extras are offered together with X-Pole’s XPert NX offering.

As mentioned earlier, the tools that you will need to complete the installation of this dancing pole are already included and that should help you cut down on expenses. There’s also a handy carrying bag that will help you transport this dancing pole from one location to the next.

The extra I appreciated the most though is the container of X-Dry Sport Grip. For those dancers who are struggling to use this pole early on, using the grip should change that. You should be able to get plenty of uses out of that 4-ounce container of X-Dry Sport Grip.


The Most Notable Flaw 

You can probably tell that I love the XPert NX Pole, but this Starter Package is not perfect. My biggest gripe is with the instructional DVD provided.

The Art of Pole Volume 1 is very basic and you will likely only find it helpful for a session or two. The manufacturers could have put more effort into producing a quality instructional DVD to round the Starter Package better.


There’s only one more question that needs to be answered in this article.

With a price tag of $350, is the XPert NX Dancing Pole from X-Pole worth purchasing? My answer to that question is a resounding yes.

The great thing about this dancing pole is that it really does work for a wide variety of people. Beginners and experts alike can benefit from having this dancing pole.

It features just the right amount of thickness and while the chrome coating can feel slick every now and then, you can remedy that by making use of the grip included in the Starter Package.

You can also feel confident knowing that leaving this dancing pole up in your home will not lead to any lasting damage.

There are numerous dancing pole options to consider, but if you want to ensure that you’ll end up with something that will prove helpful, the XPert NX Pole from X-Pole is what you should purchase.