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Best Stripper Heels

Stripper Heels For Wanna Be (and REAL) Pleasers Who Pole Dance

If you want to stand out in a crowd, they are great options for you to consider. Plus, for those who are trying out pole dancing, the heels are recommended footwear.

Stripper heels deserve more recognition and appreciation. In this article, I’ll show you some of the top examples of this particular type of footwear and provide pointers so that you can pick out the best pair for yourself.

Without further ado, let’s learn more about stripper heels.

exotic dancer wearing heels

The Breakdown And Reviews


Let’s kick things off with the Women’s Sky 308 heels from Pleaser.

What sticks to me about this pair is the simple and classic look they feature. Yes, the tall heels and elevated platforms bring a kind of extravagant quality that makes it nearly impossible to regard these shoes as anything close to traditional, but when you take a closer look, the silhouette of your classic heel is right there.

It’s such an elegant form that has served many women well over the decades and I’m glad that it’s featured in this pair because it gives you something familiar to cling to.

The composition of the shoe interior also warrants more praise because of how much comfort it can offer to you. The inner portion of the shoe is padded just enough so that your foot can feel cushioned, but at the same time, it doesn’t cause any bulging that may make force additional pressure to be placed on the top of your foot.

Zooming out now, the platforms on these shoes stand at 3 inches off the ground while the heels are at 6.25 inches tall. Those measurements are fine for stripper heels. The heels clear the threshold you would want, but they could probably benefit from being a bit taller.

If you’re going for a more striking look, you would probably want shoes that can provide just a bit more elevation.

I personally prefer the clear white color choice for these heels because I like their clean look, but that’s not the lone reason. The other, more brightly colored options of these heels have a chipping problem. Bang them hard on a solid surface and you may see a chunk of color missing on your shoe.

You can obviously avoid that problem if you’re more careful, but it’s still something you should not have to deal with in the first place.


  • Simple design that draws plenty of attention 
  • Comfortable padding provided 
  • Clear white option gives off a nice, clean look 


  • Colors used on some variants can chip 


The importance of durability will vary depending on what you intend to do with your pair of stripper heels.

If you just plan to wear it on special occasions such as Halloween or perhaps New Year’s Eve, durability does not need to be that high up on your list of shoe qualities to consider. However, if you intend to wear your stripper heels during your weekly pole dancing classes, you will need a sturdier pair.

Enter the Brook 601 heels from Ellie Shoes.

The majority of stripper heels are already plenty durable to begin with, but the manufacturers took things a step further here by incorporating a specific material into the design. The material in question is Lucite.

What makes Lucite a better material to use in place of the more conventional form of plastic is that it’s denser. That improved density is important because it provides extra stability to the platforms featured on these heels.

Even if you constantly hit the heels hard on the dancing platform you’re using or on the pole, they won’t end up covered with cracks.

With regards to comfort, these heels are a bit hit or miss.

On one hand, you’re getting sufficiently cushioned insoles to cradle your feet comfortably. They are made from leather, which makes them prone to getting weathered, but they can still remain intact for a long time.

The upper coverings that go on top of your feet will feel comfortable after you’ve worn the shoes a few times.

The big reason why these stripper heels struggle in terms of providing comfort is because of the height disparity between the platforms and the heels. The four-inch disparity can force your feet into an uncomfortable position. It’s not an issue early on, but the discomfort will set in gradually.


  • Lucite used to create more stable platforms 
  • Insoles feature comfortable cushions 


  • Height disparity between platforms and heels can cause discomfort 


Next up is another pair of stripper heels that are well-suited for working out. The Adore 708 from Pleaser comes with rubber soles and that’s a notable feature if you want to use the heels for pole exercises.

The rubber soles provide a firmer grip than their synthetic counterparts. They won’t make much of a difference if you’re performing maneuvers on the pole itself, but they are extra helpful when you’re doing your thing on the platform.

Plus, you can twist your ankles pretty easily while wearing stripper heels. Having shoes that will protect against that happening is a good thing.

The adjustable buckle closer is another nice touch. You can tighten it up to further decrease the chances of you twisting your ankle on a misstep. Alternatively, you can also loosen the buckle closure if you have bigger feet.

Three color options are available for these shoes. You can get them with clear heels, clear platforms, and white insoles as well as another option that features white heels and platforms together with a black insole.

My favorite color option by far though is the one that comes with rose gold-tinted platforms and heels along with a black insole. Rose gold is a cute color and the manufacturers manage to bring out its beauty further by introducing some chrome into the mix.

Stripper heels are designed to capture the attention of the people around you and the rose gold color option excels at doing exactly that.

One piece of advice for wearing these stripper heels is to set aside a good amount of time to break them in. They can be really uncomfortable the first few times you wear them, but they should adjust to your feet after a while.


  • Rubber soles grip surfaces better 
  • Rose gold color option is absolutely beautiful 
  • Buckle closure can be adjusted


  • Heels need to be broken in 


The Juliet 209 heels from Funtasma by Pleaser vary quite a bit from the many other options that are currently available. The biggest point of difference is that these shoes lack the kind of height that you frequently associate with stripper heels.

The heels stand at 3.75 inches tall and the platform is an inch above the ground. Compare that to other stripper heels and it is simply on the shorter side.

Whether or not that’s a bad thing is dependent upon what you’re looking for in stripper heels.

After getting the chance to use these stripper heels for a while, I can see them being great purchases for someone who is not very familiar with this type of footwear. The lower elevation makes it easier for you to balance yourself. These shoes will help you get used to the feel of stripper heels and they should allow for a smoother transition to the taller pairs.

The fit of these shoes is pretty comfortable for the most part, but there is an issue with the front portion. Your toes are likely going to hang over the front of the platform. The makers of the shoes could have done a better job of widening the platforms at the end.

The best color option available for these shoes is the bright red one. They are so striking and bold that you will surely turn heads with them on your feet. The other color options aren’t bad, but you would be best served to get the red shoes if you can.

As you’ll see, the straps featured on these stripper heels are somewhat slim. They don’t do as good of a job of keeping your feet in place so be careful with your movements when you have these shoes on.


  • Great for those not used to wearing stripper heels 
  • Shoes don’t affect your balance that much 
  • Red color option is stunning


  • Straps used should be thicker 
  • Your toes may hang over the front portion 


Comfort and stripper heels may not seem like they go together, but that’s not the case with these Sky 309 shoes from Pleaser.

The platforms stand at 2 3/4 inches off the ground while the heels go up to 6 1/2 inches. Your feet do have to bend more to bridge that height differential, but it really doesn’t reach into that territory of being uncomfortable.

The coverings on the platforms provide more than adequate security for your feet, but they don’t squeeze your toes at all. There’s a sizable opening provided for your toes and you can even wiggle them around if you want to.

Adding to that are the comfortable insoles. They’ve got some thickness to them, which is good because that means you have pads caring for your feet as you’re moving around in these heels. The insoles also contribute to why these shoes remain comfortable even though there is a significant height discrepancy between the platforms and the heels.

The synthetic soles used on these stripper heels help improve their overall durability. They don’t feature the same grip that rubber soles do, but they are good in their own right.

My main issue with these heels is that the straps are really thin and they ride low on your ankles. It can sometimes feel as though the shoes are coming loose even if they aren’t.

I like the finish applied to these stripper heels. They have a shine that is undeniably appealing. Stick to the black color option if you really want to turn heads whenever you step out with these stripper heels.


  • Coverings over the platforms don’t restrict the movement of your toes 
  • Thick insoles provide a good amount of comfort
  • Shiny finish applied to the shoes


  • Straps are thin and don’t go high up on your feet 


Maybe you’ve run through a few pairs of stripper heels in the past and quite frankly, they just don’t offer the same type of excitement they used to. The majority of stripper heels follow a pretty standard design plan, so it’s no surprise that many of them look the same.

If you are getting a bit bored with the usual stripper heels, then why not try on a pair of stripper heel boots? The Flam 1020 boots from Pleaser are certainly worth a try if you’re on the market for something different.

I adore the detailing on these boots. The stitching all throughout is impeccable and the laces are positioned in such a way that you never have to worry about them coming loose as you’re wearing these shoes.

The contrast of color between the platform and the boot itself should be highlighted too.

The makers of these boots thought enough to add some extra shine to the boots themselves. That was a brilliant move on their part because the boots stand out even more.

Comfort is where these boots can struggle a bit.

The drop between the heels to the platforms is not too big at 3.5 inches, but it can still feel like your feet are being extended too much inside of these boots. Despite what they may look like on the outside, these boots are actually quite roomy. I would have preferred a snugger fit over my feet.

Thankfully, the bigger interiors of these shoes don’t take that much away from how stable they are. Keeping your balance while wearing them is easy enough to pull off and the rubber soles will help you stay upright.


  • Gorgeous boots 
  • Finely detailed work is visible on the boots 
  • Laces are very secure


  • Interiors of the boots can be a bit too spacious 


Stripper boots are great because they offer such a distinct look, but they aren’t exactly suitable to be worn all the time. No one’s going to feel comfortable leather boots in the middle of the summer.

Don’t worry though, because you still have uncommon options to consider, such as these Peep Toe Heels from Onlymaker.

Criss-crossing straps that span across the shoes bring visual intrigue that you’re simply not getting from many of the alternatives. If you stick to the multi-colored variant of these heels, you’ll also notice that the colors gradually change as the shoes get taller. I like that design flourish because it gives these shoes such a different look.

The peep toe design doesn’t squeeze your toes too much, so that’s not going to get in the way of you enjoying these shoes.

I would encourage you to start working on how flexible your feet are well before you start wearing these shoes. The over four-inch plunge from the heels to the platforms is pretty steep and it can really impact your balance if you aren’t prepared.

Also separating these heels from many of the alternatives currently available is that they make use of buttons. Women used to wearing heels that come with buckles may be apprehensive of transitioning to something that features buttons, but they are secure.

By the way, the manufacturers also provide buyers with the option of customizing these shoes. You won’t be able to just completely overhaul the design of the shoes, but the manufacturers have given you the option of changing the colors on the bottom.

Take advantage of that option to make these shoes even better suited to you.


  • Uncommon design is quite attractive 
  • Multi-colored option is a standout choice 
  • Buttons used are very secure


  • Big drop from the heels to the platforms 


There’s beauty in simplicity and that’s embodied by the Flamingo 808 heels from Pleaser.

It’s not a shoe that features a lot of bells and whistles. It pretty closely follows the classic construction of stripper heel, but the design is executed so well that you can’t help but love it.

These heels feature great height. They reach up to nearly eight inches. Upon hearing that, you may think that these heels will be very uncomfortable to wear, but that’s not really the case.

To prevent the height of the heels from causing too much discomfort, the makers of these shoes have also raised the platforms. The height discrepancy amounts to just a little over three inches and that should be friendlier to your feet.

The platforms are wide and capable of providing ample support for your feet, while the heels are formed in the traditional manner. As an additional note on the platforms, they feature extra padding. That padding allows the heels to provide more comfort.

You have five color options to choose from here. The black and clear options are good for those who want to stick to a classic style, but you can certainly go with something that registers a greater visual impact.

The cream, gold, and rose gold options are beautiful in their own ways and I appreciate the fact that the manufacturers alter the color of the insoles to complement the bodies of the shoes.

Rubber soles are included to improve the stability of the shoes and the buckle is also adjustable.

I honestly don’t have a lot of negative things to say about these heels, although they may not suit you if you want something more exciting.


  • Terrific color options to choose from 
  • Classic design used for these heels 
  • Insoles are very comfortable


  • Design is not as exciting as what you’ll see featured by other heels 


Gladiator shoes are often used to add a significant amount of visual intrigue to an otherwise ordinary look. If you feel like sticking to a plain pairing of shorts with a t-shirt, gladiator shoes can instantly take the ensemble in a new and more exciting direction. The contrast you create is beautiful enough on its own as well.

What I’m trying to say here is that it’s not a bad idea to keep gladiator shoes in your wardrobe for those times when you think your look could benefit from the addition of more exciting elements.

If you do intend to go shopping for new gladiator shoes, why not try to hit two birds with one stone by picking up gladiator stripper heels?

You don’t even have to look that far for shoes that fit that description. The folks at Ellie Shoes have you covered with the Athena 609.

A total of three straps are found on each shoe. They work to keep your feet firmly in place, but they aren’t super tight as well.

The quilted insoles are soft and the coverings that are supposed to go over your feet offer enough space that your toes won’t have to be crammed in there. In many ways, these are very comfortable shoes, but they aren’t perfect in that department.

Standing at 6.25 inches off the ground, the heels on these shoes are not especially tall, which would make you think that they should be comfortable. The problem is that the platforms do not even reach 2 inches in height. Such a big discrepancy can result in your feet feeling uncomfortable


  • Gladiator design featured in these stripper heels 
  • Additional straps help keep your feet where they need to be 


  • Your feet can end up in an uncomfortable position because of the height difference 


Last up we have the Sky 308 CRS stripper heels from Pleaser and these shoes differentiate themselves from all the other options available by featuring rhinestones.

That’s right. Rhinestones are prominently featured on these heels. They cover the front-facing portion of the heel and they are also placed along the underside of the insole.

Once you step out with these heels, it will only be a matter of time before all eyes are trained on you.

The makers of these shoes also took the time to ensure that those rhinestones are properly attached. You can walk around a bunch and the rhinestones will still be in place. They will continue to remain stuck to the shoes even if you hit the shoes hard on a solid surface.

Admittedly, rhinestones aren’t for everybody. If you love them though, then these shoes from Pleaser are definitely worth a longer look.

Outside of the rhinestones, the shoes themselves are actually simply designed. Your color options are somewhat limited though as only the color of the rhinestones changes.

At 7 inches in height, these heels are tall. The platforms end up at 2 3/4 inches. Shrinking that gap would have helped create more comfortable shoes, but as they are right now, these heels aren’t too bad.

These are some expensive stripper heels, with prices going to as high as $130. For the more budget-conscious shoppers, the other options featured in the article may end up more appealing.


  • Rhinestones add sparkle to these stripper heels 
  • Rhinestones stay in place 
  • Rubber soles make the shoes more stable


  • Height discrepancy between the platform and the heel is very noticeable 
  • Among the more expensive stripper heels

Buyer’s Guide

Now that we are done discussing the top stripper heels that you can purchase right now, let’s move on to the factors you need to keep in mind while you are looking for the pair that will work best for you.

You can start by figuring out which size stripper heels you need to get.


Shoe shopping would be so much simpler if you could just go to the store, try the shoes you like on and then see if they fit your feet properly. You can obviously still do that, but let’s be honest, spending time at the mall or at a nearby boutique to purchase new shoes is not a luxury many of us can afford.

For many of us, shopping for shoes now has to take place online. The shoe sizes listed online are accurate, but they may not account for your feet being slightly wider or even narrower compared to a standard size 8 or something like that.

You also have to keep in mind that many of these heels are designed to cover your feet and you don’t want something that squishes your toes together.

So, does that mean that you should go a size bigger when buying stripper heels?

That’s certainly an option, but the main issue with doing that is that the shoes may be loose. You don’t want these heels suddenly coming off of your feet if you’re in the middle of a pole dancing routine.

It’s better to just stick to your actual shoe size when trying to select a pair that will fit you properly. Even if the shoes are slightly smaller than you want them to be, that can change once you get the opportunity to break them in.

Also, many manufacturers offer sizing charts for their shoes. Don’t forget to refer to those before making any purchase.


Apart from the size and the price, there are two more numbers you should pay attention to when shopping for stripper heels. Those are the height measurements for the heels and the platforms of the shoes.

Height is a good thing in stripper heels because you want them to be as eye-catching as possible. However, you should check to see if there’s a big discrepancy between how tall the heels are how high the platforms go.

Ideally, the height discrepancy between the heels and the platforms will go over 3 inches, but not exceed 4. That way, your feet won’t have to extend too much vertically just to fill the space within the shoes, but at the same time, you’re still getting that distinctive look only stripper heels can provide.


Most stripper heels make use of buckles for fastening. That’s a good thing because they can be adjusted easily and they allow you to wear and remove the shoes quickly.

Snap fasteners or buttons may be used as well and even though they don’t look as reliable, they can still secure your feet properly.

Velcro strips may also be featured every now and then.

Rubber or Synthetic Soles

The soles installed on stripper heels are typically made out of either rubber or synthetic materials.

Rubber soles are ideal for stripper heels that will be used during pole dancing because they provide a stronger grip. Synthetic soles are better from a durability standpoint as they hold their original form better.


I honestly would be happy wearing any of the stripper heels featured in this article, but if I can only have one for the rest of my life, I would have to go with the Women’s Flamingo 808 heels from Pleaser.

There’s just something about the classic look featured by these shoes that I can’t get enough of. They show you that stripper heels can be beautiful and stylish in the same way that many other conventional shoe types are.

Pleaser’s shoes are also remarkably comfortable and they come complete with more than enough padding to cushion your every step.

On top of all that, the color options available are all undeniably pretty. You can create all kinds of looks with the help of these heels.