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Cover Them Paws: Your Guide To The Best Pole Dancing Gloves

Pole Grips For Hands, Knees, And Ankles 

Did you know that pole dancing depends on friction and grip?

During pole dancing, we become sweaty, which significantly affects our grip. As such, most pole dancers rely on grip aids during their practice sessions and dancing. 

There are varieties of pole grips for hands, knees, and ankles that are available in the market. In this article, we’ll review some of the grips in the market, their features, and how they benefit your dancing.

The following is a list of pole grips available in the market together with their specifications.

woman wearing grip gloves

If you want to make some more advanced moves on that pole, you should consider getting these mighty gloves. They are mostly recommended for spinning poles.

These gloves help you prevent injuries caused by sweaty bare hands slipping off the pole. The mighty gloves absorb sweat that causes sliding on the dancing pole.

The gloves come in different sizes so that you can get the one that perfectly fits you. This is important to prevent your hands from sliding inside the gloves while trying to grip the pole.

If you are a beginner in pole dancing, these gloves are for you. This is because they come with tack strips for gripping. Thus they have an excellent grip on the pole, which raises your confidence. As such, you can learn new techniques on the pole easily and more confidently.


  • They come in different sizes which makes you get what perfectly fits you 
  • Have a layer of protection between the pole and your hands to prevent your skin from calluses 


  • They are not durable. They wear out fast after a small period of regular use 


Tite Grip Neoprene Aerial Fitness Gloves for Pole Dance & Weight Training

Are you wondering how you will get that magic grip on the pole? I’d suggest Neoprene gloves as they are my favorite.

They are comfortable and breathable, which makes your pole dancing something to look forward to. Plus, they are washable, which makes them fresh to use each session.

They have a high-quality material which makes it more likely to last for long. The inner lining is also of high-quality material, and therefore you can feel the pole when you grip.

Using the Neoprene gloves assures you of your safety on the pole as they come with an outer shell with knuckle and wrist support.

They have no constriction, no noise on contact, and no sweaty feeling which makes them comfortable. They feature small, medium, and large sizes which gives you a variety to choose your perfect fit.


  • Gloves are made of high-quality material which makes them durable 
  • They come in different sizes so that you can get the perfect fit 
  • Washable which gives you a refreshing feeling after every use
  • They feature an outer shell knuckle and wrist support which enhances your safety
  • Their inner lining gives you a feel of everything you grip


  • They have a limited lifespan if you are using them regularly on the pole 


Women Punk Rivets Belt Half Finger Gloves

Punk fingerless gloves are great costume accessories for pole dancing, car driving, motorcycle riding, parties, Halloween, etc. The PU leather assures you of a long lifespan even with regular use. The material is also soft, flexible, and comfortable to wear.

The four pairs of punk gloves come in different designs so that you can choose the best design and one that fits specific occasions or activities. They come in one size that is suitable for average size fingers and not fit for thick fingers.

They are lightweight and stretchable, which allows you to have a better grip on the pole. The half-finger design also enables you to access other items such as phones from your pocket.

If you want to look fly during that party, then the punk half finger gloves might be what you need. They are both elegant and fashionable, which makes you stand out.


  • They come in several designs so that you can have varieties to choose from according to the occasion 
  • They have a half-finger design that gives you a better grip on the pole 
  • It is made of PU leather which is long-lasting


  • The PU leather material may have a little smell. You may be required to put it in a well-ventilated area before using 


Mighty Grip Black Pole Dancing Ankle Protectors with Tack Strips for Gripping The Pole

As you do your pole dancing, you might want to protect your ankles from injuries. These Mighty grip ankle protectors are for both experienced and novice dancers. As a novice, these ankle protectors will help you build your confidence as you try and learn new techniques. For the experienced dancers, the protectors will help you to practice for a longer time and harder without the fear of getting injuries.

The ankle protectors come with tack strips. These are the shiny black sticky fabric that helps you to grip to the pole using your lower legs. They add a layer of protection between the pole and your lower leg, thereby minimizing bruises on your skin. Plus, the ankle protectors absorb sweat that causes slipping on the dance pole, thus enhancing your safety. You can then make more advanced moves on the pole with guaranteed safety.


  • Absorb sweat which would typically cause slipping on the pole 
  • They have tack strips that stick on the pole using your lower leg 
  • Add a layer of protection between your lower legs and the pole which minimizes bruises on your skin
  • Plenty of different sizes to choose from


  • The stitching looks fragile and may not last long 


These knee and climbing pads cover enough of your knee for protection but not too much of it to prevent gripping on the pole. The pads help you to transition from the floor to the pole with much ease. They are more comfortable and safer than your bare knee. The knee climbing pads come with tack strips that enhance the grip on the pole. Another exciting feature is that the tack strips on the knee pad are divided into sections that enable the sheath to flex as your knee bends and straightens. The padding on the knee is not tacky.

What I personally love about them is that you can crawl, drag your knee, and slide on the floor without sticking on the floor.

The knee climbing pads in five sizes: x-small, small, medium, large, and x-large. As such, you have the option of choosing your best fit. They have a sleek and quality construction which is great because it makes them have a higher chance of being durable. They also make a perfect gift for a pole dancer.


  • Constructed well hence chances of being durable 
  • Sleek and elegant 
  • Have tack strips that enhance grip on the pole
  • The padding on the knee is not tacky


  • They degrade in a short period 

Things to consider before choosing a pole grip 

There are varieties of dancing pole grips available in the market. Before settling on the type of grip to use, you need to consider the following:

  • Your hand strength: some people naturally have hand strength that is enough to carry their body weight while others need to work it out. The grip you choose should be one that will help you develop the appropriate upper body strength.
  • Skin type: skins vary from dry to super sweaty. If you have sweaty hands, then you should consider getting a grip that will absorb sweat appropriately.
  • Living environment: some areas are hotter than others. The kind of environment will determine if your skin will be sweaty or not. This will, in turn, affect the kind of grip you will have on the pole

Benefits of using pole grips 

  • Dancers who have sweaty hands can get a better grip on the pole by use of grips. 
  • Beginners who are learning pole dancing get more confident to learn and experiment with new techniques when they use grips.
  • Performers who want to showcase advanced moves without slips and falls can decide to use grips.

Why are pole grips essential? 

To be a successful pole dancer, you need to have strength, flexibility, agility, and power. All these can be improved with practice. However, to make advanced moves and techniques on the pole, you will require to stick to the pole.

If you don’t have a good grip, then you cannot be very successful in pole dancing. Pole grips, therefore, assist you in having a good grip on the pole, which ultimately enables you to improve on your techniques and become a pro.


According to the above reviews, I would personally recommend the Tite Grip Neoprene Aerial Fitness Gloves for Pole Dance over the others. These gloves are comfortable and breathable, which is good for your skin. 

Plus, they are washable. That means you will always have them fresh after every use without sweat smells.

They are made of high-quality material which makes them durable. The fact that they come in different sizes gives you a variety of options to choose from so that you get your perfect fit.

The gloves also have a comfortable inner lining that gives you a feel of everything that you grip. Lastly, the gloves have an outer shell knuckle and wrist support that protects you from injuries.