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Top 10 Pole Fitness Benefits

Top 10 Pole Dancing Benefits You Must Know

Long gone are the days when pole dancing was a practice reserved for adult entertainers. Today, it’s quite reasonable for any adult to install a pole anywhere within their property for the sole purpose of fitness training.

Just like any other form of exercise, pole fitness requires a lot of patience, effort, and endurance. And the best thing about it is you’re bound to get better with time.

woman doing pole exercise

To avoid getting discouraged, you might want to start with the more comfortable moves. Then as your strength gradually builds up, you can give the more complicated routines a try.

Thankfully, there’re plenty of videos and articles online that can help you with your fitness journey. Below are ten benefits associated with pole fitness:


Reduces stress levels

Ask anyone who exercises regularly, and they’ll be quick to admit that working out goes a long way in eliminating stress. The same applies to pole fitness. For starters, pole dancing is fun. Something is enchanting as well as liberating about seeing yourself swinging on a pole. Pole dancing is believed to have a direct link to our psychological and emotional health.


Furthermore, stress comes about as a result of adrenaline building up in your system. But whenever you partake in a rigorous pole fitness program, the levels of adrenaline in your blood will plummet automatically. Further research also revealed that an intense training session on the pole is capable of triggering the secretion of endorphins. For those who aren’t familiar with the term “endorphins,” think of it as the “happy, relaxing hormone.”


Burns calories fast!

In a world where everyone wants to lose weight, it’s quite unfortunate that only a handful has discovered the effectiveness of pole training. It’s no secret that those who partake in pole fitness regularly end up losing weight much faster than those who opt for more conventional ways. Pole fitness tends to exercise your entire body instead of targeted areas hence burning more calories.


What the latter means is a single-pole fitness session is enough to burn the same number of calories that you would in a week worth of gym workout. And the fact that pole fitness also provides great cardio makes it even better from a health standpoint. That said, if your goal is to lose weight, then you need to find a suitable pole and start exercising immediately. And as long as you’re sticking to your workout regime, backing it up with a healthy diet, then you should start losing weight sooner rather than later.


You’ll sleep better

By now, you ought to already know that sound sleep is just as important as a proper working out regime. Unfortunately, many people in the world today have trouble sleeping. Countless health-related issues result in lack of sleep, stress being one of the leading causes. If not addressed, lack of sleep can be a gateway to more severe ailments. That’s why you need to take it with a pinch of salt. Thankfully, pole exercising can help you have a good night’s sleep.


The trick is making sure you’re stretching after every session. Stretching allows more blood to flow throughout your body, leaving you relaxed and at peace. Once you’ve taken a warm bath and eaten your healthy dinner, you can kick back comfortably, allowing your endorphins to charm you into slumberland. In addition to engaging in regular pole fitness sessions, you might also want to ensure that your beddings are comfortable and your room environment is sleep-inducing.


You’ll develop greater kinesthetic awareness

According to health24, sticking to pole fitness is likely to increase your kinesthetic awareness as well as your overall balance. Kinesthetic awareness refers to your brain’s ability to notice objects in a 3D, hence calculating the distance between them and yourself. This newfound ability will spare you from the repercussions of being clumsy, especially in the workplace where one step in the wrong direction can turn fatal in a matter of seconds.


It’s important to note that developing kinesthetic awareness, as well as balance, takes time. Therefore, be patient enough to learn simple routines before attempting how to do complex ones. And to achieve your fitness goals, you’ll have to keep on challenging yourself by trying different exercises on the pole. Do this for a few months, and it’ll be bye-bye to the maladroit side of you.


Makes pregnancy and childbirth easier

Pregnancy and childbirth are, without a doubt, two of the most challenging stages of womankind. Thankfully, pole fitness can make the process more bearable for women. As I mentioned earlier, pole exercising is a phenomenal, full-body workout that strengthens every muscle fiber in the body by forcing them to work in synchrony continually. So, a woman who exercises on the pole regularly is bound to have an easier time during pregnancy and childbirth because she’ll have stronger muscles to count on.


Pole exercising, or dancing if you may, also leads to strong abdominal muscles, a strong back, and a strong backbone. Having a healthy spine and abs will allow you to carry your baby to term without the weight taking a toll on your back. Just don’t wait to be pregnant before starting your pole fitness journey hoping for the best. It doesn’t work that way!


Makes your heart and blood vessels stronger

Pole fitness is arguably the most effective form of cardiovascular exercise there is. And if you know anything about cardio, then you also know that it engages the heart more than weightlifting does. The latter is the case because your body will require more oxygen transported to all the muscles in your body working in synchrony as opposed to a targeted muscle group.


And the harder your heart works during your intense pole fitness sessions, the stronger it will become with time. The same principle also applies to your blood vessels. And when your heart and blood vessels become strong, your body will experience better nourishment courtesy of much better blood flow.


Strengthens your bones and joints

Most inactive people, especially women, are at high risk of developing osteoporosis later in life. Osteoporosis is a joint-related medical condition that has pain and discomfort as two of the ailment’s most prevalent symptoms. Pole fitness will reduce your chances of developing osteoporosis by strengthening your bones as well as the tendon and muscle tissue surrounding it. Pole fitness will also improve your joint mobility over time. And that’s why incorporating pole fitness into your daily routine is highly recommended.


Improves flexibility

Unfortunately, pole fitness can’t make you as flexible as Keanu Reeves in the Matrix movie. But the kind of flexibility you’ll develop will go a long way in making your life easier. Being limber, or flexible, has a lot of benefits, including less back, neck, and muscle soreness. In layman terms, flexibility equates to a better quality of life. You’ll also find engaging in activities that wear down people who don’t engage in any fitness to be much more comfortable.


It’s a source of motivation

Pole fitness is one of the many exercises that can motivate you to live a better life. The reason why most people are miserable is that they believe that they are powerless. But the moment they attempt pole fitness and realize just how amazing their bodies are, they’ll start having a positive outlook on their lives. And the moment you start seeing things from a positive perspective, great things can and will happen.


Builds self-confidence

Just like it’s the case with any other form of workout, pole fitness can boost your level of confidence to an all-time high. For starters, your mindset automatically changes the moment you realize that you can cling onto that pole for a whole ten seconds without falling off. Trying more techniques and nailing them will build your self-confidence further. Also, the fantastic cardio associated with pole fitness is bound to tone your body in the long haul, making you look sexy. And the moment you start looking sexy, people will start showering you with compliments, which will also give your self-confidence a little boost.


There are many more health-related benefits associated with pole fitness besides the ones I’ve mentioned above. And to enjoy them, you’ll have to start practicing as soon as you can. The good news is you don’t need to invest much since all you need is a well-anchored pole and you’re good to go. If you are a novice, you might want to invest in a pair of durable leather gloves to protect your hands from bruising when they come in contact with the pole.

But in time, your hands will harden, and you won’t need the gloves anymore. Having a hard time is normal, especially if you’re starting. So, there is no shame in looking for a seasoned trainer to at least walk you through the craft for the first few weeks. But once you get over the rookie hurdles and find your way at the proverbial edge of the nest, flying out solo wouldn’t be a big deal at all!