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A Dancer’s EPIC Guide To The Best Pole Dancing Grip Aids On Earth

Get a Hold of the Best Pole Dancing Grip – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 

Pole dancing is a type of exercise that is open for anyone with an interest to try. However, there are certain things that could get in the way of an individual taking part in pole dancing.

Chief among them are sweaty hands and a lack of grip strength. If you can’t maintain a good grip on the pole, you simply won’t be able to pole dance properly.

However, all hope is not lost for those individuals dealing with a sweating issue or who are still strengthening their grip. Products designed to help improve your grip are now available.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of those products in order to identify their specific strengths and weaknesses. We’ll also address some of the queries related to those products and more effective pole gripping in general.

Now that the introduction is out of the way, let’s get into the grips.

dancer gripping a pole

The Reviews 


To start things off, let’s highlight the Pole Dance Grip from iTAC2.

The trouble with many of the grip aids currently on the market is that they can leave quite a mess behind. Some products can leave your pole looking like it was recently handled by a baker while others can just cover your hands in this unpleasant-feeling residue.

This dancing grip gets around that issue by working as an almost invisible substance that you apply to your hands. It introduces a good amount of tackiness to your skin to enhance your grip strength.

You can use it for an entire pole dancing session and little to no residue will be left behind anywhere.

There’s also no need to use too much of it during each application. Even a dab of this grip should be enough to strengthen your hold.

Unfortunately, this grip cannot do much about your sweat. For those who have naturally sweaty palms or just tend to sweat a lot, this grip is probably not going to help you out much.

People who don’t perspire heavily will love this product, but those who do will have to look for something else.


  • Leaves almost no residue behind on your hands or the pole 
  • You only have to use small amounts 


  • Will not work if you are sweaty 


Similar to the product highlighted above, one of the things you will love the most about Dry Hands is that it isn’t problematic with regards to residue. To be clear, there will be residue left behind, but the amount is so small that you should be able to wipe or wash it away very quickly.

Unlike the product mentioned previously though, this lotion will remain effective even if it has to work against sweat or other forms of moisture. You can continue to use this lotion during the warmest days of the summer and expect it to remain effective.

This lotion will also not leave your hands feeling greasy after use.

The main issue I have with this pole dancing grip is that it wears off rather quickly. You’ll be lucky if it lasts for longer than 30 minutes. That means frequent re-applications will be necessary during a workout session.

Since a bottle of this topical lotion only contains an ounce of the substance, you may end up going through the whole thing in a hurry. A bottle of Dry Hands is pretty cheap, so you can buy in bulk if you have a lot of pole dancing training ahead of you.


  • Effective against different forms of moisture 
  • Does not leave behind a significant amount of residue 


  • Will have to be re-applied often 


Finding a pole dancing grip that does its job well while also providing additional benefits would be ideal. Carpe’s Anti-Perspirant Hand Lotion aims to be that type of highly desirable product.

It helps improve your grip by preventing sweat buildup on your hands. The lotion doesn’t strengthen your grip per se, but it can serve as that effective solution to excessive hand sweat that you have long been seeking.

In addition to eliminating the sweat on your hands, this product also works to moisturize your skin. That moisturizing quality can be a double-edged sword because it can make your hands less sticky. The trick is to use just enough of this lotion to prevent sweating without making your hands slippery.

There’s also no need to use a lot of this hand lotion. A small amount of it should last for the duration of your workout.

The lotion can leave your hands feeling soft and smooth, but the same thing cannot be said for the pole. You may notice some chalky residue forming on the pole. The residue can be cleaned up easily, but it’s still a hassle to have to deal with in the first place.


  • Works to eliminate sweat 
  • You can stick to using small amounts of it 


  • May produce chalky residue on the pole 


Not everyone who has a tendency to sweat profusely likes the idea of using anti-perspirants. Because many of those products clog up the pores to prevent sweating, they can leave people feeling uncomfortable.

Cramer’s Firm Grip Powder gets around that problem by using a wood rosin formula. This powder still manages to help you cut down on your sweating, but it doesn’t plug your pores to do so.

It’s the kind of pole dancing grip that you will want to use on those warm and humid days.

The powder also doesn’t produce much residue, meaning your hands don’t have to look like they’re covered in wet flour after using this product.

You can also use this powder on your clothes if they feel a bit loose.

Take a close look at the ingredients before deciding to get this powder though. It can trigger some allergies and may cause some skin irritation.

The smell of this powder is also not pleasant. You can get used to the smell over time, but it will definitely be an adjustment early on.


  • Stops sweat without covering up your pores 
  • Great to use on warm and humid days 
  • Can be used to ensure clothes stay in place


  • May trigger allergic reactions in some users 
  • Smell can be off-putting 


When you’re getting into the groove of your pole dancing workout routine, having to stop to re-apply your grip can be annoying. The constant stopping and starting can really throw off your rhythm and take away some off the enjoyment of the exercise.

The Liquid Chalk Grip from Black Widow provides a solution for that problem. This chalk grip sets itself apart from the pack by lasting longer. Because it doesn’t rub off easily, this grip can stay on your hands for hours.

You also don’t have to worry about this chalk grip leaving a mess on your hands. The amount of residue it produces is very small and cleaning it up is a breeze.

Another reason to love this pole dancing grip is the fact that it helps eliminate bacteria on your hands. It’s good to know that your hands are still clean even though you’ve already been working up a sweat for hours.

The only real knock against this liquid chalk grip is its strong odor. Just keep using this grip consistently, and eventually, you’ll develop a tolerance to that smell.


  • Will not rub off easily 
  • Kills the bacteria on your hands 
  • Does not produce a significant amount of residue


  • Possesses a strong odor 


You may have heard about Stickum Spray before and that’s probably because this grip aid has been used often by football players. It helps players catch and hold on to the ball with greater consistency.

So, can something used by football players also be helpful to pole dancers? Yes it can!

The bottom line with the Stickum Spray is that it makes any surface it’s applied to instantly stickier. 

While most football players apply this spray to their gloves, you should know that it can just be used directly on your hands.

If you start to notice the spray becoming less effective, you can spritz a bit of water on your hands to re-activate its hold. Do note that there’s a limit on how many times you can re-activate the spray. Eventually, it will just wear off completely and you will have to re-apply.

You will likely have to re-apply this spray more than a few times because it doesn’t last long. Stocking up on multiple canisters of this grip spray is not a bad idea because of that.


  • Instantly makes any surface it touches stickier 
  • Can be re-activated using water 


  • Has to be re-applied often because it will not stay on your hands long 

Buyer’s Guide

Pole dancing grips are not exactly widely known products. To shed some more light on the products, I’m going to answer a few questions related to pole dancing grips and I’ll also highlight some of the things you should know before using one.

How Do I Make the Dancing Pole Less Slippery? 

Pole dancing grips can vary in terms of how they should be used.

Lotions and liquid chalks should be used on your hands and that’s it. The same is not true for powders and sprays though.

If you want to make it easier to hold on to the pole, you can apply your pole dancing grip of choice to your hands and then also use a grip powder or a grip spray on the pole.

You don’t have to cover the pole in the gripping material. Just apply a bit on the area where you’ll place your hands.

Along with using gripping aids, routine maintenance can also help work to make a pole less slippery. The sweat that ends up on the pole after it’s used can turn into something that covers its surface. By wiping down the pole after it’s used, you can get rid of that slippery covering. does warn against cleaning the pole too much though as that can lead to it being too slick. After removing that outer layer of sweat, the pole should be good to go.

How Do I Get a Better Grip on the Pole? 

Obviously, using the products mentioned earlier in this article will help you obtain a firmer grip on the pole, but there are other things you can do beyond that.

For starters, avoid using any oils and other slippery substances on your body prior to your pole dancing session. The only lotions you should use are the ones that can help cut down on your sweating.

SkyPole Fitness also recommends warming up prior to getting on the pole. Perform whichever warmup exercises you like best and get your body in gear before you start working on your routine.

Another key to establishing a good grip on the dancing pole is to wear fewer or shorter articles of clothing. You won’t be able to get a good grip on the pole if there are clothes getting in the way. There’s simply not enough friction there.

As much as possible, wear clothes that will allow you to bare more of your arms and legs so that you can grip the pole properly in a variety of ways.

What You Should Avoid When Shopping for Pole Dancing Grips

Your preferences will help you determine which pole dancing grip is best, but there are two things you should know before buying anything.

First off, some of these grips contain ingredients that can trigger allergies. Look at the ingredients list of a specific product to see if it’s okay for you to use.

Check if the grip in question is also resin-based. According to Love Pole Kisses, resin-based grips are banned in many competitions. You don’t want the grip you’re using to be the reason why you lose the contest.


The Liquid Chalk Grip from Black Widow is my favorite product from all the options listed above and that’s because it can be helpful to just about everyone. It is also capable of lasting for a long workout.

You’re getting great bang for your buck if you opt to use this Liquid Chalk Grip and it helps that it also kills bacteria.

It’s not the best-smelling pole dancing grip you’ll ever put on your hands, but that’s a very minor flaw that you can live with in exchange for using a high quality product.