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Pole Dancing For Beginners: Master The Basic Moves Like A Pro

Everything Beginners Need to Know About Pole Dancing

There was a time when pole dancing was regarded as this activity designed only to titillate and captivate audiences. That is no longer the case however.

What’s interesting about pole dancing is that it wasn’t really thought of as any kind of vulgar activity when it was first being practiced centuries ago.

According to Culture Trip, pole dancing has its roots in the 12th century when Chinese acrobats would perform all kinds of tricks while working with a pole that could be as tall as nine meters.

The practice as it was conceived then was more about exhibiting skill more than anything else.

Eventually, the people of India would provide their own take on pole dancing. They looked at pole dancing as a form of training – one that would be practiced mainly by men who wanted to get better at wrestling.

The version of pole dancing we know now is the latest evolution. It is meant to exhibit skill, serve as a good workout, and even work as an artistic outlet for practitioners.

In this article, we will talk more about the modern incarnation of pole dancing, whether it’s suitable for you, and whether you can benefit from it.

Without further ado, let’s get in-depth on the topic of modern day pole dancing.

woman doing pole dance class

What Are the Benefits of Pole Dancing?

Even though it’s significantly flashier and more provocative than other forms of exercise, at its core, pole dancing is still all about helping people get in better shape.

When you take up this activity and make it part of your everyday routine, you can expect to gradually become healthier.

The first way in which pole dancing can benefit you health-wise is through simply helping you burn calories. If you just had a big meal earlier in the day, pole dancing can help you burn those calories.

You can burn around the same amount of calories from pole dancing as you would from aerobic exercises and calisthenics. Think of it as a fun alternative to those more conventional exercises.

In addition to helping you burn calories at a reasonably fast rate, pole dancing can also effectively target certain parts of your body.

To be more specific, pole dancing can tone your upper body as well as your core.

Pole dancing excels at hitting your upper body and core muscles because of the myriad movements you will have to perform in a given session.

Some of the movements even mirror the sit-ups that are typically featured in workout routines.

Having to constantly cling to the pole and use your arms to pull yourself up will also work to get those shoulders, biceps, and triceps in better shape.

Pole dancing exercises are great if you want to tone your arms more, but would rather avoid bulking them up through lifting weights.

Pole dancing is also a good form of exercise to practice regularly if your goal is to strengthen your joints.

Over the course of a pole dancing session, you will be able to stretch and move your joints without having to place too much pressure on them.

Alleviating that pressure prevents them from sustaining long-term damage and it also protects you from potential injuries.

Plus, with all that work you’re putting your limbs and your joints through, you can count on them gradually becoming more flexible as you continue with pole dancing.

One more reason why pole dancing can be good for your health is because it helps you relax more.

Pole dancing can help you release some of that pent-up stress and practicing it together with your friends simply makes it even more enjoyable.

Some may still regard pole dancing as a gimmick and a fraudulent form of exercise, but the health benefits associated with it beg to disagree.

How Do You Teach Yourself to Pole Dance?

Pole dancing can take some time to get used to. Because of how it’s performed, it’s not always easy to just get up and do it in front of people you don’t know very well.

There are also people who simply feel more comfortable exercising at home. Others may not have enough time to spare to head to a meeting place for pole dancing.

For all those reasons, many people who are considering trying pole dancing prefer to start from the comfort of their own homes. So, what do you need if you want to go down that route as well?

It all starts with getting a pole for your home. But please avoid getting the cheapest poles because they are often not of great quality.

You may have to save more to get the brand-name poles, but you’ll be grateful you did because they are safer to use and more durable as well.

Free-standing poles are probably your best bet because they are safe and sturdy. They are also preferred because they minimize the odds of your ceiling sustaining damage.

The only issue with free-standing poles is that they typically take up a lot of space. If you don’t have the space to install a free-standing pole at home, the next best option is to purchase a removable pole.

Once the pole has been installed, you can start your training, but there are still a few things you should know.

You should always prioritize your safety whenever you try a new form of exercise and the same holds true for pole dancing. To protect yourself better, you need to place soft landing pads or mats around the pole.

Solidifying your grip is also a must. You can do that by practicing extensively.

It’s also a good idea to avoid those maneuvers that call on you to slide down the pole headfirst when you’re just starting out.

Ideally, you will be able to work with an instructor at your home, but failing that, you can still start learning about pole dancing by watching videos or taking some online classes.

Practice the maneuvers that have you spinning or moving vertically along the pole, but again, avoid the moves that have you suspended upside down. If you want to practice those inverted moves, make sure that you have someone watching nearby.

From there, it’s all about practicing regularly and gradually getting better. Take your time learning how to pole dance and always remember to prioritize your safety whenever you’re working out.

What Should a Beginner Wear to Pole Dancing?

Putting together an outfit to wear to your pole dancing can be tricky because you have so many things to take into consideration.

On one hand, you want your clothing to be comfortable and stretchable to accommodate the different maneuvers you will be performing.

On the other hand, you may not feel completely comfortable with baring too much skin if you’re just getting started.

The good news is that you don’t have to bare too much skin if you don’t want to.

Shirts and tank tops are perfectly acceptable pole dance attire. Just make sure that they fit you well and that they can stretch easily without tearing.

As for what you should wear over your legs, for starters, we recommend wearing something that can cover the back of your knee. Yoga pants and tights fit the bill.

Once you’ve gotten more practice with the pole, you can start wearing shorts.

Regardless of which articles of clothing you choose to wear, just make sure that they cling to your body well.

When it comes to the shoes, your options include wearing rubber-soled shoes or going barefoot. You should be able to grip the pole somewhat using your feet, which is why those are the recommended choices.

Bring something that you can use to tie your hair up as well so that it doesn’t get in the way while you’re practicing.

To summarize, a basic outfit for pole dancing can include:

  • Hair tie
  • Shirt or tank top
  • Tights or yoga pants
  • Rubber shoes

Is Pole Dancing a Good Form of Exercise?

We’ve already talked about the different health benefits that come from practicing pole dancing regularly above, but there are even more reasons to get into this particularly activity.

For one, practicing pole dancing in the company of others can be a very pleasant, communal experience. Participants in pole dancing classes tend to form great bonds with one another.

Considering how challenging pole dancing is, it’s not surprising to learn that students are more supportive of one another while they are practicing it.

Pole dancing is also a kind of exercise that can help boost your self-esteem. For those who have been dealing with body image issues for much of their life, being able to perform a flawless pole dancing routine can be truly exhilarating.

You may even become more comfortable with becoming the center of attention if you are able to get better at pole dancing.

Let’s not overlook the health benefits of this form of exercise as well. Because pole dancing is not a kind of exercise that wears your body down, it is a habit that you can maintain for much of your adult life.

By regularly practicing pole dancing, you can keep your body in great shape long-term. You can ease into old age better with a body that has undergone through numerous pole dancing routines.

What Are the Different Types of Pole Classes?

There are three basic types of pole classes that you can try. These types are:

  • Pole Fitness
  • Pole Exotic
  • Pole Artistic

The first type is known as pole fitness or pole sport and this focuses mainly on helping participants get in better shape.

In pole fitness classes, greater emphasis is placed on using techniques that call on participants to use their strength. A participant’s agility is also put to the test.

Pole fitness classes typically feature more acrobatics so that participants can indeed test their strength and agility more.

Pole exotic classes can similarly put participants through the ringer, but instead of strength and agility, these focus more on testing flexibility. You have the option of wearing more revealing articles of clothing for pole exotic training, but that is not a necessity.

Fundamentally speaking, pole exotic classes are more about having fun.

The last type of pole class is known as pole artistic. For this particular type of pole dancing, the focus shifts away from testing your physical abilities.

Instead, pole artistic classes are more about giving people the freedom to use their movements and expressions to tell stories. Feel free to try this out once you’ve gotten used to pole dancing.

How Do You Get Good at Pole Dancing?

When it comes to any kind of complex physical activity, the first thing you have to do in order to master it is to nail the fundamentals.

Perform the basic moves associated with pole dancing repeatedly and keep doing them until they become second nature to you.

You should also set aside time for regular pole dancing classes. If you only take up this form of exercise whenever you feel like doing so, your body will never get used to it.

We recommend people to practice pole dancing using both sides of their body. You will be able to balance your muscles better by doing so and you can also take on the tougher routines if you can perform the different movements from either side.

Lastly, don’t remember to go in for classes whenever you can so that you can ask an instructor to check out your form and whether or not it has improved.


Pole dancing may initially seem like this taboo activity that should only serve as a spectacle and nothing more, but that is far from the truth.

The reality is that pole dancing can be very beneficial to those who decide to take it up. If you want to get in better shape without adding too much bulk, this is precisely the kind of exercise that you should look to try.

There’s no denying the fact that pole dancing can be tough to get into at first, but once you take that first step, you can expect to be supported by a loving community. Pole dancing is something that can truly improve your life in so many ways.