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Best Pole Dance Shorts Loot Can Buy

Seeking Out the Best Pole Dancing Shorts – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Comfort is crucial whenever you’re working out.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going running, lifting weights, or pole dancing, you need to be comfortable if you want to get in a good round of exercise. Getting comfortable for exercising usually means finding the right articles of clothing to wear.

In the case of pole dancing, you will have to find the best pole dancing shorts.

You can get away with wearing plain shorts when you’re just starting out, but once you’re learning tricks, you will need to upgrade your equipment.

This article will present you with some of the top pairs of pole dancing shorts currently available and it will also contain some valuable pointers for finding the best shorts to wear.

Let’s get started!

girl wearing pole dancing shorts

The Reviews 


One of the most uncomfortable feelings you can encounter while pole dancing is having sweat seep into your shorts. It becomes difficult to concentrate on the pole when that happens.

This pair of Women’s Athletic Shorts from Helisopus gets around that issue by introducing moisture-wicking. Instead of allowing the sweat to sit on your skin, these shorts will keep them away from your body so that you can perform better.

The shorts will also retain their appearance even after taking on the sweat. That prevents your legs and thighs from being seen through the material.

What doesn’t help as much when it comes to concealing your body is the length of this pair of shorts. They are very short and you will end up exposing plenty of leg if you opt to wear them.

On the plus side, caring for these shorts is quite easy. You have the option of hand-washing them or using your washing machine. Just be sure to handle the shorts as gently as you can during the washing process.

Being compatible with machine washing is not a common trait of pole dancing shorts. Take advantage of it if you decide to get this pair.


  • Capable of wicking sweat away from your body 
  • Can be washed using a washing machine 
  • Polyester used provides needed breathability


  • May not be long enough for some people 


Though not capable of wicking the sweat away from your body like the pair above, the Classical Women’s Board Shorts from Micosuza does find another way of helping you remain comfortable.

The nylon and spandex blend used in these shorts dries up quickly. While your shorts may still end up feeling moist during a particularly intense workout, you can expect that to go away after a bit of a rest. These shorts won’t weigh you down for the entirety of your workout.

You may also notice the presence of some ties at the sides of these shorts. They are not just for show. Adjust them as needed in order to get these shorts to feel more comfortable on your legs.

The presence of spandex in these should help you cut down on the amount of times you need to adjust these shorts.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to do much about the area around the crotch. That part feels tight and it could distract you quite often. It may take a bit of time before you get fully adjusted to that issue.


  • Shorts dry up quickly 
  • Spandex makes the shorts more stretchable 
  • Side ties can be used to adjust the shorts


  • Area around the crotch can feel tight 


There’s no reason why you can’t be stylish while working out and if you have plans to join pole dancing competitions in the near future, wearing the best-looking pair of shorts is a must. COCOSHIP’s Bikini Bottoms certainly deserve some love if you are looking for the most stylish pair of pole dancing shorts.

It’s easy to see the caliber of work that went into the creation of these bikini bottoms. The different portions are neatly defined and the peek-a-boo slits at the sides are sized perfectly.

The high-waist style of these bikini bottoms also makes it feel as though you’re wearing a retro piece. If you’re up for it, you can probably use these shorts in a photoshoot.

Look at the back and you’ll notice that your behind is exposed pretty well. It’s not something everyone can be comfortable with it, so take that into account before making a final decision on these shorts.

The bigger issue to me though is that these shorts aren’t particularly breathable. They are better suited for performances as opposed to regular workouts.


  • Stylish peek-a-boo straps featured 
  • High-waist design 


  • Not very breathable


Looking for something that is guaranteed to turn heads? It’s hard to beat these Metallic Booty Shorts from iHeartRaves.

The way these shorts shine when you have them on makes them a great choice if you want everyone in the room to pay attention to you. I personally prefer the gold color option, but if that doesn’t work for you, there are still black, fuchsia, red, and silver options for you to consider.

Regardless of which color option you ultimately decide to choose, you can expect them to feature a very distinctive luster.

The distinctive look of these shorts is not the only reason why you may end up liking them. The manufacturers opted to use polyester when they were creating these shorts.

Because of that, the shorts are both breathable and durable. That durable quality is particularly important because it preserves the great color of these shorts.

You can wear them often and bank on the color not fading.

Take the time to find the pair that fits you best though as these shorts do not offer much in terms of stretchability.


  • Five different color options for you to choose from 
  • Shorts possess a lustrous quality 
  • Shorts retain their color well


  • Not very stretchable 


Let’s get one thing out of the way right now when it comes to the Electro High-Waist Booty Shorts from iHeart Raves. They’re not exactly as high-waisted as you might assume.

If you get the right pair for yourself, these shorts will rise up to barely above your waist. They won’t reach up to your bellybutton let alone extend above it. As long as you know that going in, you should be fairly satisfied with these shorts.

I love the fact that the manufacturers clearly prioritized creating something comfortable when they made these shorts. It hugs your body well, but does not become too tight. The spandex used in this item allows it to be as stretchable as you need it to be.

Even if you don’t get the sizing exactly right, these shorts should still be able to adjust enough to fit you properly.

This pair of shorts does show a good amount of your behind, but it’s not excessive by any means.

You have no reason to be uncomfortable while wearing these shorts from iHeartRaves.


  • Stretches to fit your body accordingly 
  • Shows just the right amount of your behind


  • Does not go high enough on your waist 


A common problem you’ll encounter when buying any article of clothing online is getting the sizing right. Even if two items are of the same listed size online, you can place them side by side and notice differences among them. That often makes it difficult to find an item that fits you exactly how you need it to.

The great thing about this pair of Kamo Fitness High-Waist Yoga Shorts is that they are sized accurately. You don’t have to buy a size up or a size down to find something that will feel comfortable over your legs.

Helping these shorts wrap around your body better is the fact that they contain 16 percent spandex. They will stretch to accommodate you and help you get more comfortable.

These shorts are also plenty durable. Tears won’t show up even as they are asked to stretch constantly.

The only real issue I had with them in terms of fit is that the portions over the thighs tend to roll up a lot. You will probably have to pull down on them often as you go through your pole dancing routine.


  • Accurate sizes available for these shorts 
  • Fabric stretches well to keep you comfortable 
  • Very durable shorts


  • Shorts tend to roll up on your thighs a lot 


When you’re working out during the summer, the last thing you need is a pair of shorts that will prevent your legs from getting any air. You won’t have to worry about that particular problem if you decide to purchase these Dolphin Shorts from EttelLut.

These shorts are made out of 95 percent cotton in order to make them as breathable as they can be. The remaining 5 percent is spandex to add some stretchability.

You’ll be pleased with the kind of fit these shorts provide although they can feel somewhat snug around the thighs especially early on. Give yourself some time to get used to them.

Feel free to wear these shorts as often as you like because they hold up very well to regular usage.

By the way, numerous variants of these shorts have also been made available. You can select from shorts in solid colors or go for the ones that feature a mix of hues.

If you want to get more than one pair, the pricing of these shorts will not prevent you from doing that. The shorts range in price from $10 to $12. You can stock up on them if you want to.


  • Plenty of cotton used to make these shorts 
  • Shorts will remain in great shape even with regular usage 
  • You can choose from many color options
  • Very affordable


  • Shorts can feel tight over your thighs 

Buyer’s Guide

How exactly do you find the right pair of pole dancing shorts? You have to focus on certain factors that promote comfort above everything else. Once you know that the shorts will be comfortable, that is when you can turn your attention to other factors.


If you want to find the most comfortable pair of pole dancing shorts, then you should focus on breathability first. Pole dancing exercises your entire body and you absolutely do not want to wear something that feels heavy.

To make sure that you end up buying a breathable pair of shorts, look for items that are made out of cotton. Elle has cotton listed among the top fabrics to feature during the summer season precisely because of how it promotes better airflow.

Some articles of clothing fashioned out of cotton can also absorb the moisture on your skin. The good news is that you should be able to find shorts that are made out of cotton pretty easily.

Polyester is also a good material to consider because of its breathability although it’s not on the same level as cotton.


Once you get into the meat of pole dancing training, you will be asked to perform all kinds of maneuvers that will have your legs going all over the place. Obviously, restrictive shorts will prevent you from moving around in the ways you want to.

To ensure that your shorts are stretchable, look for something that features spandex. According to Shape, spandex has the ability to stretch to nearly 600 percent of its size and still revert back to its original form.

You won’t find a lot of shorts that are made just from spandex, but a small amount of the aforementioned fabric is often blended by manufacturers into their creations.

Next to spandex, the material that does best in terms of stretchability is nylon.


Going pole dancing while wearing any of the shorts highlighted in this article should turn out to be a pleasant experience, but if I can only pick one pair to use regularly, I would definitely go with the Dolphin Shorts from EttelLut.

Even taking into account that you will need some time to get used to how these shorts fit over your thighs, there are still so many things to love about them, such as the fact that they are made from 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex.

It also helps that they are capable of lasting for a long time.

Use EttelLut’s Dolphin Shorts for pole dancing and you should be able to feel comfortable throughout your sessions.