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Pole Dancing School prides itself on offering the most up-to-date, safe and professional tuition. Our teachers are highly qualified dance/fitness professionals, coached by Elena Gibson, the founder of Pole Dancing School, former World Pole Champion and awarded Instructor of the Year 2012. All our instructors are regularly monitored to ensure continuing high standards.

Our curriculum is the most comprehensive available. Courses take place in one of our London locations and are weekly. We offer 8 levels of pole technique to ensure there is always a course that meets your needs. In addition we offer supportive training suitable for all levels sold as single purchases or packages.


Level 1 (Complete Beginner)

Ideal way to learn the basics of pole dancing. Taught by one of our highly qualified teachers in a supportive and friendly environment, this course requires no previous fitness or dance training, no limit of age or size, must be 16 and over to join.

Level 2 (Beginner)

Builds on the foundation laid in level 1 developing your skills and strength to enable you to start climbs, slides and more complex moves and combo spins

Level 3 (Intermediate)

The first level where you get to explore inversions, building on your level 2 foundation with new and challenging spins, transitions and more complex technique. This exciting area of pole dancing is tremendous fun and will really get you hooked.

Level 4 (Intermediate)

With your strength improved from previous course levels, you'll continue exploring the core intermediate moves but developed with holds and more work on inversions, in a significantly more complex routine that allows you to express your new-found skills.

Level 5 (Pre-Advanced)

This level will introduce the first stages of the pre advanced pole moves and safety technique, exploring the PDS exciting pre advanced tricks and combinations.

Level 6 (Pre-Advanced)

This level focuses on perfecting the pole moves introduced in level 5 which are taught in their last and most complex stages. This course also contains sequences of pre advanced technique.

Level 7 (Advanced)

This is an advanced level of training, available to those who have gained the strength, flexibility and safety skills necessary to undertake this challenging but fun course.

Level 8 (Advanced)

Offering the most advanced and up to date pole technique available worldwide combined with Chinese pole technique, this course is only available by invitation only, to those who have demonstrated the necessary strength and skills to undertake this thrilling experience.

Act Creation (all levels)

It's time to put all your hard work into action and create your very own pole performance.  Create and rehearse your routine under private instruction culminating in a performance to a public audience in December at our PDS Christmas Showcase.  This year our Christmas showcase will be open to only those participating in this training which is available to all those who have never put a routine toghether before or those who wish to continue development on an act in progress. Spaces are very limited so please ensure you book in advance to avoid dissapointment. 



Stretching (All levels)

This type of training contains elements of traditional contortion as well as the most modern techniques, preparing your body to achieve all sorts of bends, seats, scales and folds with grace, tradition and technique.

Conditioning (All levels)

This course is the ultimate workout, created by Pole Dancing School to help students improve their general fitness level, gain strength, tone muscle and loose weight by targeting specific areas of the body in an intense workout.

Practice (All levels)

This class is ideal for those wanting further practice assisted by an instructor in order to perfect the skills learned on a course.

Spinning (All levels)

This fun and challenging class focuses on the pole dancing technique and combinations of tricks performed on spinning poles. 

New Trix (upper interm & adv)

A class aimed at upper intermediate and advanced pollers, to which you are invited to bring video clips or photographic images of moves which you would like to try, for us to help you figure out how they're done.  Amanda will also present new tricks or combos, and each lesson will finish with a freestyle session (do bring a track along with you if you'd like).

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