Pole Dancing: Fun, Fitness & Empowerment

Pole dancing is a unique dance form that combines strength, coordination, cardiovascular exercise, elegance, posture and flexibility in a dynamic and fun way that is never boring, never feels like a fitness class and always gives you a great workout. It's not only a great new way to get fit, but also a wonderfully empowering experience for women. Find out more about pole dancing for fitness...

At Pole Dancing School you can experience this ultimate sense of self expression. Whether you're a beginner wanting to learn new moves for personal enjoyment or an experienced dancer or fitness professional wanting to develop your career, we have just the class for you. We offer open classes, scheduled courses, private lessons, private pole dancing events, technical workshops and dance/career consulting. All our classes are held in the Central London area only.

Pole Dancing lessons are based around choreographed routines that focus on teaching the dance element combined with the athletic moves. With students coming from all walks of life and including all ages, shapes, and sizes, we're confident that you'll feel relaxed as well as empowered as you learn the art of pole dancing.

Our small group of teachers have been carefully selected from those who've reached the highest levels of pole dancing technique and performance. They're highly trained, well qualified and have extensive experience in dance and fitness teaching. Their aim is to help you reach your goals but above all have fun getting there.

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